about us!

Hi everyone! My name is Alyssa. I own Cleveland's Pet Parlor alongside our Maltipoo fur CEO Cleveland Brown.

I figured I'd take some time to properly introduce ourselves. First, I am a college student. I graduated with my associate in Biology, and I will be headed to school in the fall while continuing to build up our little company. I enjoy outside adventures, drinking an unhealthy amount of caramel coffees (whoops lol), and of course binge watching Netflix.

Cleveland is my spunky little sidekick. Every product comes with a sniff of approval because this crazy boy does not leave my side. He is also the BEST thing that has happened to me since being in college.

We joined Instagram with Cleveland's account in the summer of 2019 and our bandana addiction began LOL; however, it was hard for me to find any yellow ones. I love yellow bandanas on Cleveland, so I decided to make my own. Once I started, I did not want to stop. That lead into making scrunchies for me to match him, and then wanting to share our creations with you guys!

We love to talk to you all! Never be afraid to follow us on Instagram, say hello, leave a comment sharing a little about you in response, and most of all, email us those pup pics! Nothing brings me more joy than seeing your cute pets in our bandanas and hair bows and bow ties!

-Alyssa, and Cleveland who is snoozing right next to me.